7 Best Linktree Free Alternatives for Your Bio Link Site

Ahmed Chougle

September 21, 2023

Are you looking for a Linktree alternative with more customization options?

Linktree is a popular bio link tool that lets you create a landing page with all your social links. However,  it has some limitations, such as limited design choices, lack of custom domains, and limited integrations.

Luckily, there are a number of Linktree alternatives available that can help you create a stunning link in bio site with more control and flexibility.

In this article, we'll compare some of the best Linktree alternatives and help you choose one that suits your needs.

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Why Look for a Linktree Alternative?

One of the main drawbacks of using Linktree is that it doesn't support the use of a custom domain. This means that your link in bio URL will always be, which is neither professional nor memorable.

This can affect your SEO and brand recognition, as you are giving away traffic and authority to Linktree instead of your own website.

For long-term growth, a Linktree alternative is essential.

With Linktree's limitations in mind, let's explore some of the top free Linktree alternatives available. These options provide more features, customization, and control to help you build your ideal bio link website.

1. Social


Social is a bio link tool for WordPress that lets you create a landing page on your own domain. It comes with different content blocks to embed videos, collect donations, sell products, share your latest blog posts, and more.

Key Features

  • The bio link site runs on your own domain, improving your SEO and increasing brand awareness.
  • Built-in analytics with real-time updates to track and analyze your site performance.
  • 4 unique layouts, ready-made templates, and AI-generated themes with customization options for adding your own logo, colors, and fonts.
  • Social doesn’t share your data or your customers’ data with anyone else. Everything is stored on your own website and server.

Social offers a free plugin that lets you create one bio link site with unlimited links and core features. The pro plans start at $29/year and add analytics, link scheduling, and more.

2. is a tool by Later that allows you to replicate your Instagram and TikTok feed to your link-in-bio landing page. This allows you to add multiple links to each of your posts, making it easy to drive traffic to different destinations.

Key Features

  • Convert Instagram posts into shoppable links.
  • Integrates with Google Analytics and UTM tracking to track sales made from your page.
  • Display a featured banner with your top content to drive traffic to your most important links.
  • Offers the ability to add up to 5 custom links per Instagram or TikTok post. is available as part of Later's plans. The starting price for Later's plans is $25 for the Starter plan.

3. Milkshake


Milkshake is a link in bio tool that allows you to create a multi-page website for your Instagram profile that's different from typical bio landing pages. You can easily shift between pages (cards) by swiping left or right, similar to how you navigate through Instagram Stories.

Key Features

  • Drag and drop card-based editor for quickly customizing your page.
  • Lets you create multiple Instagram bio pages for different accounts from the same dashboard
  • It works through a mobile app, which means you can create and update your micro landing page on the go.

Milkshake is completely free to use through its mobile app on iOS and Android.


Taplink stands out for its focus on driving leads and sales from your Instagram bio link page. It gives you advanced options like taking orders, receiving online payments, and sending automated emails right from your link-in-bio site.

  • 300 ready-to-use templates.
  • Add links to instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger for easy communication.
  • Display special time-limited offers with countdown timers.
  • Accept online payments via Stripe, PayPal, Square, and other gateways.

Taplink has a free basic plan but advanced features start at $3/month paid annually.

5. Carrd


Carrd is an easy-to-use landing page builder for creating sleek, one-page websites that serve as the perfect link in bio page.

Key Features

  • Use custom domains with free SSL support.
  • Add email sign-up forms with direct integration to tools such as ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Mailchimp, MailerLite, and more.
  • Allows you to embed pre-made widgets from Stripe, PayPal, Gumroad, and Typeform.

It's completely free to get started, with optional paid upgrades starting at $9/year for more advanced features.

6. Pallyy


Pallyy goes beyond just a basic link-in-bio tool by providing a full social media management platform. You get all the core features to create a social media landing page, plus features such as analytics, a post scheduler, templates, and a quick-pick library of hashtags.

Key Features

  • Choose from preset themes and customize the buttons, colors, and the background to match your branding.
  • Showcase your Instagram posts in a grid-style layout and add URLs to each post.
  • Add featured posts at the top for increased visibility.

Pally has a free plan with all the core bio-link features and 14 days of analytics. The premium plan starts at $18/month per social account set.

7. lets you create a personalized micro-website by importing favorite posts, articles, and media from various web profiles. 

  • Showcase all social profiles and their content in one place.
  • Embed videos, add polls, collect emails, and Spotify songs.
  • Show your latest posts or videos automatically. Just set it and forget it. has a free version to try the core features. The paid plan starts at $10/month  

Wrapping Up: What’s the Best Free Linktree Alternative?

Due to the limitations of Linktree, it's important to explore alternative options that offer greater control and flexibility over your bio link site.

One such alternative that stands out is Social. With Social, you can create a bio link using your own domain and fully customize it with various content blocks, layouts, and colors to perfectly align with your brand.

Try Social today and see the difference for yourself!

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