Gain insights into your audience and their interactions

Track your clicks, measure click-through rates and analyze conversions to make data-driven decisions that level up engagement and sales.

Realtime updates
Individual link analytics
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Realtime updates

Monitor your performance in realtime

Get a live view of your audience and their interactions with your content. See how many people are visiting your page, clicking your links, and more.

Impression data
Click data
Referrer data
Location data
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Historical data

See how your content performs over time

With unlimited historical data, you can pick any date range and see how your content has performed over time.

Custom date ranges
Unlimited historical data
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Analytics dashboard

Unified in a sleek dashboard

Get a birds-eye view of your analytics with our dashboard. See your top performing links, your most popular content, and more. All aggregated in one place.

Customizable views
Interactive charts
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Sharing features

More features to analyze your audience

That's just the beginning. We have everything you need to create your perfect bio link page right on your website.

Per link analytics

See how each link is performing to make data-driven decisions.

Powerful data visualizations

Visualize each data point to see correlations and trends.

Full data ownership

Keep your analytics data private and secure, right on your own web server.


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